This year has been all about waiting. Waiting to see if my university was going to be destroyed by draconian budget cuts…waiting to see if my friends would still have jobs…waiting to see if my homestead would be consumed by fire with no water to put it out even if it had caught fire…waiting for precious rainwaiting for my heart surgery…waiting to get the damned breathing tube out of my throat so I could talk again…waiting to heal. Oh my word, waiting to heal is a bitch, friends…and this surgery is an 18 months-long recuperation. Waiting

Waiting for bypass brain to stop and my normal brain to take over has been hugely frustrating; it’s rather like instant senility, as your short-term memory just takes a sabbatical and you find yourself repeating stuff you just said a day or two ago…or an hour or two ago…Waiting…

When I was a child, I thought that being an adult would solve everything, that I would have all the answers and I wanted it so badly that I didn’t want to wait to grow up. I could not have been more wrong…

This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday post, hosted by the coolest friend-I-have-not-met-yet ever, Kristi Rieger Campbell of https://findingninee.com/.

5 thoughts on “Waiting…Waiting..Waiting…

    1. Of course Tucker doesn’t believe you…I never believed my parents when they told me that I should just enjoy being a child. It’s the wisdom that comes with age and hopefully with maturity…hahahahaaaa…


    2. Ain’t it the truth?!? It’s just one of those things that we all have to learn, and there’s no telling someone because it has to be experienced to understand. One of those lessons that SUCK sometimes….


  1. I so hear that. I thought adulthood would be smooth sailing, which makes no biological sense, because obviously I had to have known that I’d age and that my family would too, and that people would die! And that we’d want to have jobs with satisfaction and money but those elements can drive us insane! Argh!!
    I, for one, am so glad you have your heart surgery behind you.

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