Sometimes Thankful is Too Hard…

There are times when it’s incredibly difficult to be thankful. There, I said it. I know, it’s Thanksgiving next week and everyone’s posting “Today I’m thankful for…” on Facebook, and I’m over here going, “Yeah, but how come I feel as if someone just stabbed me in the heart and then ground the blade in a few times for good measure?!?” It’s probably because the holidays bring to mind people and pets that we miss that makes them so painful. It’s hard to feel joyful or thankful when I’m mourning…and grief is neither convenient nor pretty. It just hurts. There’s no predicting the triggers, either. They just sneak up on me and all of a sudden, WHAMMO! I’m smacked upside the head with a brickbat of grief.

Just now (for me) the brickbat is memories of my cat Arthur. He was 16 years old when he died in 2016 of kidney disease. He was less than six weeks old when I adopted him…so tiny that he fit in the palm of my hand…so tiny that he didn’t even know how to nurse, and I had to feed him with an eyedropper because he couldn’t suck on the nipple of a bottle. He survived and grew to be 19 pounds of FLUFF. We figured that he was part Maine Coon because he loved water (not to bathe in though). He had to be in the bathroom if I was taking a bath, or when my husband took a shower, because he liked to drink from either the faucet or the handheld shower. When my daughter would take a shower, she’d soak poor Arthur’s head…and he just kept coming back for more. He adored all of us, but the bond between Arthur and me was tight. I was Mammeh, and he was my Sweet Babboo. When I worked in my office downstairs, Arthur had to be at my side, either sitting on a chair by my desk or taking up the lion’s share of my ironing board when I was sewing. He liked to lay under the Christmas tree every year – he figured that HE was the Gift, after all…and he really was. I guess that I could say what I’m thankful for is having Arthur in my life for sixteen wondrous years…for the times when he was small enough to fit under my chin when he slept, for his generous and loving heart…

So you see, some of us have a hard time being thankful and joyous during the holidays. Cut us some slack, won’t you?

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7 thoughts on “Sometimes Thankful is Too Hard…

  1. Aww.. Arthur! My puppy is just that – a puppy – and he’s already needed $4K of surgery. It’s been.. rough. As you saw on my blog. And I’m so enamored with him so I really get that bond. I really do.


    1. Your puppy is ADORABLE…and I just love those stumpy legs with the bandages! I can so totally relate spending tons of money on a pet…One time Arthur decided to try noshing on sweatshirt string…he ate about 12 inches of it, and of course, it didn’t digest well…so ONE THOUSAND dollars later, he had a huge shaved belly and he was VERY unhappy. At the vets, they asked me what breed he was…I said, “STUPID.” To this day, that is what is on his record…my sweet Babboo..


  2. OMG did we already talk about the fact that my dog before this dog before the last dog, that I got on my own with a roommate when I was maybe um… 22? Was Arthur? It feels like we must have discussed this. I get not feeling thankful when you’re grieving, and the loss of a pet is the loss of a life and loved one. Hugs, friend.


    1. I don’t remember if we did discuss that or not…but I’m so sorry for your loss….Arthur was brought with his siblings (who were also waaaaay too small to be adopted out) to a Pampered Chef show that I was attending with my friend Katie. We had lost our cat Jenny that year (2001) and we were soooo lonely…I had adopted Jenny when I was single and she was with me for nineteen years. She’s the only cat I’ve ever had who actually died on her own of kidney failure…she just went to sleep one night and never woke up. Anyway…she was my very best cat EVER and when she died it was as if someone had cut my heart out of my body…our church was falling apart…and not long after Jenny’s death, 9/11 happened….so Arthur was really a gift from God.


  3. Awww, he was a cute little kitty! I totally get it. Hard losses has made me not want a pet in my adulthood. It is a big heartbreak to lose them. That’s not a good enough reason to not want to have a pet but that’s the one I standby.


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