Who I am and Why I’m Here

Wow…this is a loaded prompt, isn’t it? As to who I am…well, my husband says I’m “She Who Must Be Obeyed” (as in Rumpole of the Bailey). Actually, I’m a lifelong Alaskan – except for the first 5 years of my life when we lived in Kirkwood, Missouri…and the four years I lived in San Diego.

I love to write….and I like to think that I have something worth saying. I’m currently working to finish my BA in history with a double minor in German and ceramics. Currently (and for the past 37 years) I live in Anchorage. My household consists of my husband Paul and our daughter Kate, as well as Lydia and Lazarus, our cats. Lazarus is ten months old and Lyds is 2-1/2 years old. They’re both rescues, adopted from ACAT, one of the local cat rescue groups in our area.

LAZ AND LYDS 3-30-2017

Left to right: Lazarus and Lydia

I came to Alaska in 1963 when my family moved to Anchorage. We drove up the Alcan Highway when it was a two-lane gravel road. I remember that we frequently had flat tires on our 3/4 ton truck. We towed a 32 foot trailer behind the truck and my father had built a camper shell in the bed of the truck; since there are six people in my family, the camper shell was a must-have. It was quite an adventure. We lived in Anchorage until September 1964, when we moved to Mile 258.3 on the Alaska Railroad, to a Federal grant homestead. My siblings and I were homeschooled via correspondence study.

So why am I here…publishing a blog…? Lots of reasons, really. I feel that I have something to say and I’d like to think that I write reasonably well. I’m old enough to have experienced more than a little of life’s vagaries, and have read widely in many subjects, most particularly in history. I’m a genealogist and a research addict. I’m endlessly fascinated by the gift that is learning. Someone asked me recently why I was so hell-bent on finishing my BA, and I looked at that person in utter astonishment…I think they were trying to figure out why a 59 year old woman would give a damn about finishing college. Why not? Why shouldn’t I keep on until I actually have my degree? The second question that I am frequently asked is what I plan to do with my degree, once I graduate…and sometimes I say, “Who cares? I want to FINISH!” I might want to teach…or not. I most definitely want to continue writing, and I can think of at least ten different subjects for books that I plan to write…and I’m also very deeply interested in genealogy, which is really just history on a familial level. I like to visualize where my family history fits into the larger picture of American and world history. Anyway…that’s a (very) brief sketch of why and what and who and how…

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