When It Comes to Sharing Online…

Oh golly. When it comes to sharing online…well, how about this: DISCRETION IS THE BETTER PART OF VALOR. In other words, my dear people…don’t air your dirty laundry online. No one needs to read it. Also…this may come as a galloping shock to some of you, but employers can, and do, scope out prospective employees on Facebook and elsewhere on the internet. Several years ago, mostly out of curiosity and because it was free, I attended a recruiting session on the University of Alaska Anchorage campus that was given by a CIA recruiter. This was a highly informative session. For one thing, I was crushed because I learned that the CIA has a mandatory retirement policy…and I was already too old for an entry-level position. Bummer. One of the things the recruiter said to us was that the CIA, the FBI…pretty much anyone who does background checks and security-related sorts of things, all of them can check you out on the internet. So…when it comes to sharing online? Think of it this way:
  • Don’t post a picture you don’t want your Momma to see.
  • Don’t rant about how much you hate your boss/husband/coworker/…etcetera.
  • Don’t share those stupid memes that are based on pseudoscience or someone’s own personal guilt trip…”Click LIKE and SHARE if you love Jesus” kind of junk. If you love Jesus, dearie…it should show in how you behave and WHAT YOU SAY ONLINE…
  • Do share great news.
  • Do avoid listing someone’s home address, phone number, etc.
  • Do not do not do NOT spew…
  • Do not “friend” just anyone. Try to vet them. Sometimes there are some pretty…sick…folks out there, trolling for suckahs. Don’t be a suckah.

My mom always used to say that if you couldn’t say something good, just don’t say anything at all. This is good advice.
When it comes to sharing online…can we please please please PLEASE for the love of Jesus…just stop posting about politics? You are not going to change my mind. I don’t care if I change yours…really.
When it comes to sharing online…how about sharing the best of you? Something that is uplifting and encouraging? God knows we all have our demons to fight and burdens to bear. Let’s try to make life just a little better for each other. When it comes to sharing online…let’s make a community of positivity.

This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday prompt…”When it comes to sharing online…” hosted by the ever-ausome Kristi Rieger Campbell of Finding Ninee, who is also the Lion Mom of Tucker. 

15 thoughts on “When It Comes to Sharing Online…

  1. …And I totally totally TOTALLY agree with my dear friend-I-have-not-met-yet, Kristi Rieger Campbell…we write because we are compelled to. Totally. Also…as Kristi says, we need to say it in print/out loud because then we can accept That It Is For Reals. And it helps more than I can say to know that other moms feel, as I do, all of the terrors and joys and oh my God how am I going to get through this? type stuff. Only when I read this prompt, my ausome brain thought, oh…that means that I should chide my fellow writers codes of online conduct…so I apologize in advance if anyone misunderstands what I said. But what the hey…sometimes I think it needs to be said. And on a completely unrelated topic…how 'bout them CAPITALS? TJ Oshie's delightful little daughter is pretty happy, I betcha!


  2. Our minds were linked up this week I think. I love your post! I have seen the hurtful things happen due to social media among the young and innocent that could be, and was traumatic at the time, but healable. Employers do look online before hiring and will fire people if they find something they don't like on someone's social media without a warning. You are just, gone. We were just discussing that this morning in a class at work. People need to be aware of what they are posting and take caution. And as for hockey, How about them Blues, baby!!! Sorry, that's my team. I was watching your game tonight for a while and it was a good one! Then life took over and reality took over. Bummer I didn't get to see the last of it.


  3. Oh, don't misunderstand me – I'm first and foremost a Rangers fan but…well…let's just say the Blues are my homeboys, as I was in St. Louis born…but when it comes to a match between (boo, hissss) the Pens and Anybody Else…well…I cheer for Anybody Else, knowwhatImean? So…how 'bout them BLUES?!!?? And thanks for your kind words…


  4. LOVE this message! Too many people share some really negative things on the web, and I am always very cautious about what I post. It's important to be responsible and respectful online. It can and will (at times) be used against you!


  5. 🙂 🙂 🙂 You crack me up. And I think your advice is really good! So many people don't think before they speak and they act like Facebook is just a phone call – nope, that drunk dialing or whatever is there forever for somebody to find! So glad you linked up and thanks!


  6. I'm always surprised by people who don't realize that employers may not actually want people who don't know how to show public discretion. I mean, really? Talking smack about your job online doesn't really scream trustworthy or professional, I don't care how “private” you think your settings are. UGH. SO ANywhoo – yes to all that!


  7. Your advice is right on! Don't share anything that you're okay with anyone seeing. Love the name of your blog, by the way. Found you thru the Finish the Sentence Friday group on Finding Ninee's blog. Hope to participate and contribute. I'll be back to read more…


  8. I heard about that…but I have to give the guy props, 'cause his response was, “Yeah, I did that. Yeah, it was stupid. Shouldn't have done it.” I have to admire that kind of accountability…


  9. I have a friend – a fellow hockey mom – who, sadly, cannot keep her fingers SILENT on FB…it got so bad that I had to unfollow her. We still message now and then…but that's all. Bummer…


  10. Thank you! The idea was (in naming my blog) not to infer that I'm a total train wreck…but as my adopted sister used to say, “Life is what happens when you're making plans.” And sometimes it just blows up in your face…Looking forward to reading your stuff!


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