Intentional Kindness

As often as possible, I like to practice something I call intentional kindness. We should all be as kind as possible, don’t you think? One never knows the struggles that others are going through…and intentional kindness can make all the difference in the world to someone if they’re having a tough day. Here’s a link to a great blog post…says the same thing as I have just said, but better…
The Mom Cafe.

I was reading the Mom Cafe blog post and remembering an encounter I had with a young woman on Monday of this week. She was very pretty and had a lovely short hair cut. I decided to tell her that I thought her hair looked beautiful (because it did)…so I did, Her whole face lit up and she said, “Oh, really? I was nervous about cutting it so short!” to which I replied, “Well, I like it. It looks great on you!”  This, my friends, is intentional kindness. It costs nothing but can do a great deal for another person…and it doesn’t hurt you, either!

Have a great day – you’re AWESOME!

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