When I look in the mirror I see…

I’m 57 years old, friends. Inside me, in the inner Me-Ness that is my true self, I feel 18 or perhaps 21 years of age. When I look in the mirror, I see an old woman looking back at me. She has wrinkles and bags under her eyes…she’s even missing a few teeth (although thankfully not the front ones!). She would have grey hair if she weren’t so vain…and she could stand to lose more than a few pounds. She does have some truly awesome laugh lines at the outer corners of  both eyes, though…
My problem with mirrors is that the mirror doesn’t show the world who I am inside…and it doesn’t show my true inner age, which is significantly younger than my chronological age. I’ve often said that my greatest wish is to have the body I had at 21 and the knowledge and wisdom that I have now. If only we could invent technology to make that happen! Honestly, I feel like I’m just barely beginning to scratch the surface of my potential…but when I look in the mirror, instead of a face I see a big clock and it’s ticking…so I have this deep need to Make. My. Life. COUNT. For. Something! while I still can…

This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday post, hosted by Kristi Rieger Campbell of Finding Ninee and April Noelle of http://www.aprilnoelle.com/.

10 thoughts on “When I look in the mirror I see…

  1. Time is something we just can't back. I went back to college and graduated at 40, I wondered what my life would have been like if I had been that smart at 17 when I went to college the first time. But I am willing to bet that just by your existence your life has counted for something.


  2. The body of our 21 year old self with the knowledge of my 45 year old mind….that would be a killer combination! I totally get what you are saying, about wanting to make this life count. THat is a pretty good thing to see in the mirror


  3. Isn't it amazing what sometimes the mirror makes us introspect upon!!

    I liked your perspective and have pondered upon the same…but then don't mind aging since after all it's just a body.

    Our mind has matured along thus, making us age gracefully


  4. I'm glad you're not missing the front teeth – I should imagine that would be a lot more distracting when faced with your own reflection. LOVE how much you love your laugh-lines though. I'm working on a set of those, as well as on how best to make life count! The most important thing of all.


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