We’ve got crab legs!!!

I’m instant messaging with a friend on FB.. she showed me a photo of herself holding some ginormous king crab legs…which started me thinking about the crab legs story.

When I was in my early twenties, I met the woman who became my adopted sister: Lisa Buechler. We were roommates and my family informally adopted her because her birth family were a collection of train wrecks. We were living together when she developed some serious health problems, and at one point she had to have a hysterectomy. Well, she was in Humana Hospital (Alaska Regional Hospital now) and we wanted to cheer her up, so what follows is the crab legs story…

One of the longest-running restaurants in Anchorage is a little place on C Street in midtown that is called Sea Galley. I don’t know if Sea Galley exists anywhere else, but they’re still here in Anchorage. Anyway, this was back in the early 1980s and Sea Galley had a hilarious ad campaign that was focused on one of their best-loved products – Alaskan king crab legs…which, incidentally, I could eat til they came out my ears…anyway, the ad campaign was a hoot. Check it out: Sea Galley Crab Legs Ad.

My mom and I were having dinner one night at Sea Galley and the people from the ad campaign were there, all dressed up in the chef hats, jackets and of course the crab legs…we laughed so hard that we could barely breathe. We looked at each other and said “We have to ask them if they’d make a hospital visit!!” So we did…and bless their hearts, they said yes. What followed was even funnier…

Lisa was in her room at Humana Hospital, minding her own business, and fairly well zonked out of her gourd on drugs following her surgery…when in burst a crowd of lunatics, all of whom were dressed in chef hats, chef jackets and CRAB LEGS.  She thought she was hallucinating…I wish we had actually been present for it, but the aftermath was a stitch.  Somewhere in my office I have an 8X10 black and white photo of the Sea Galley crab leggers and my sister…she has a smile stretching from ear to ear. It was one of her favorite stories to tell after that…especially when she wanted to tell people about my twisted sense of humor! Ah, memories…

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