Today was a CHICKENHEART Day…Oh yes, and I am On My First Vacation Since 2008…

Day Three of my vacation…

Okay, okay, I know Bill Cosby is currently being judged in the Court of Public Opinion…but when I was a kid, my favorite comedy routine was his “Chickenheart” bit. Loved it. Still do. Funniest guy I’ve ever heard…anyway.

So today I decided, after thoroughly spoiling myself with a room service breakfast of the most truliest almost orgasmic-est (sorry…couldn’t resist) breakfast that I have ever enjoyed, I Went.For.A. Walk. Oh. My. WORD. I love this area. West Street is where Loews Annapolis Hotel is located. It also happens to be where we’re staying right now. I didn’t want to drive anywhere today so I decided to hoof it…and I discovered two major things:

THING ONE: Annapolis has a BUNCH (as in almost all) of very old buildings and most of those are built from BRICK.  Let me explain. I was born in Missouri (no Harry Truman jokes please…) but from the early age of 5, I grew up in Alaska. This is a state in which the oldest building might date as far back as the early 1900s…if you’re lucky and damp rot hasn’t destroyed the foundation, assuming that any of those “old” buildings had a foundation. So. Not a lot of old anything in Alaska, with the exception of geologic time…and then, yeah…we can totally outpace most of the Lower 48 in terms of  antiquity. Be that as it may. As I said, not a lot of old buildings. Well…in Annapolis? LOTS of old buildings…and lots of OLD BRICK BUILDINGS.  I. LOVE. BRICK. BUILDINGS. Also brick sidewalks. Also brick retaining walls…you get the picture. Many of the old brick buildings (also the frame buildings) in this area are very very very old…like in the 1700s old. OLD. For a kid from Alaska…well…that is just totally COOL. So I strolled up and down a very long street, reveling in the old brick and frame buildings…and then. It. Happened,

All up and down this street are GIANT METAL CHICKENS. I am not kidding you. They’re all bigger than I am (and I am NOT small!). They are all painted differently. They are so totally cool and also more than a little scary…so I will leave you with these images of CHICKENS.  Yes. CHICKENS.



BellhopChicken at The Westin Hotel, Annapolis!

I call this one “Annapolis/Maryland Chicken!”

Love the way the Lobster is fighting off the Kraken..


Middle School Chicken!

There’s a little sign at the base of this Chicken that says it was decorated by Such-and-Such Middle School…hence the title above…

Really Scary International Chicken!

Finally…the Piece de Resistance…THE ENERGY CHICKEN! This one actually has a tiny solar cell on the back of its neck…which powers a propeller on top of its head….

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