Our Trip to Annapolis

17 October… 

I love flying at 6ish PM. Almost no lines, very laid back…nice. Our flight to Seattle was great and I didn’t even fall asleep. Our seatmate was this very nice man who actually had the middle seat, but volunteered to take the window so Paul and I could sit together. He was on the first leg of a trip to Bangkok, Thailand to spend two weeks with his fiancee and their two-week old son. The next flight he was to take was going to be THIRTEEN HOURS long. Poor fella.

We deplaned in Seattle and hiked what seemed like 5 miles to baggage claim, got our bags and then hiked another 5 miles to the Radisson. We were upgraded to a very nice suite. My only regret is that we’re only going to be here til 6 AM because we have an 8 AM flight to Baltimore. This trip is gonna be AMAZING…and oh so very much needed. I don’t think I realized how badly I’ve needed this. Kate’s two surgeries and hospitalizations plus the extended recovery…I was drained completely dry with no reservoir of anything…and I’ve been just putting one foot in front of the other for so long that I was afraid I was going to walk off a cliff, metaphorically speaking. Anyway…sleep awaits and so does  VERY early morning.

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