Day Two – Annapolis and SUNSHINE!

18 October

We left Seattle early this morning. Another nice flight…thank You, God, for the miracle of Xanax. Flying is (for me anyway!) bearable… when I “[Flying] on drugs feels better when they’re prescription…” (I Feel Fantastic by Jonathan Coulton) Seriously, though…I have terrible flight anxiety and it really does help to medicate.

Arrived in Baltimore to brilliant sunshine and 50+ degrees…Maryland is lovely this time of year. We’re staying at Loew’s Hotel in Annapolis, just a few miles from the United States Naval Academy. Unfortunately, the only day that Navy is playing a football game at home is the same day we’re going to be in Philly, watching my New York Rangers stomp the Philadelphia Flyers. We are, however, going to visit the Academy…hopefully Friday the 23rd.

There are so many things we want to do while we’re here! Paul will be tied up with his conference from Monday through Wednesday, which essentially leaves me free to explore on my own. For me that mostly means driving to the Orange Line station in New Carrollton, about 35 minutes from our hotel, then taking the Metro to the Smithsonian Station in DC. I have a long list of places to visit…the cool thing is that it’ll just be me…so in theory, I should be able to spread what we did in our one day of sightseeing in 2003 over three days. YAY…

I leave you with photos of our hotel room…oh, and this thought: for dinner tonight I had a lovely 12 ounce New York strip and…wait for it…a BACON-WRAPPED BAKED POTATO…

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