Happy Monday…and a share from Finding Ninee!

My friend Kristi is on vacation with her husband and their son Tucker…and her post today gave me a LOT to think about, so I thought it a good idea to start of by sharing that with you first: Being Thankful While Others Weep

In case you don’t read all the way to the bottom, here’s my response:
AWESOME. I woould totally have attended that there brunch…it reminds me of Keith Green, the Christian singer…he used to play in a LOT of bars. When criticized for doing this, Keith’s response was perfect: he said, “Well, where are the sinners? Where are the sick? Where did JESUS go?!?” and people had to shut the hallelujah up after that…”

So yes, in case anyone was wondering, I am a Christian. I love the idea of having church in a bar…or anywhere else, for that matter. Jesus didn’t only speak in temple. He spoke wherever people were, and it wasn’t only the “churched” to whom he spoke. He spoke to prostitutes, tax collectors, fishermen, Pharisees, ordinary people…EVERYONE. Totally cool guy. Someone I really want to be like. Some days I totally FAIL…others I just try as hard as I can to do what Jesus calls me to do. Okay. That’ll do ‘er for the preachy stuff. 

Today is Monday and it feels like the last two weeks have been one continuous MONDAY…but I am thankful that I have a home in which to live and food to eat. Even when my husband snores (yes, dear…you DO), I  am thankful that he’s here with me. When Lydia, our 10 month old girlkitty is rumpusing through the house at 10:30 PM…I’m thankful that she’s so healthy. I think she’s giving Arthur (14 year old cranky Maine Coon boykitty) a new lease on life…although he’d rather swallow bricks than admit she’s the cutest dang thing since sliced bread…and I’m thankful Arthur’s healthy too. For a cranky 14 year old Maine Coon boykitty.

I’m especially thankful that my daughter Kate survived what had to be the most tortuous hip replacement surgery in the history of hip replacement surgeries…and 23 days in two different hospitals…and a wound pump…and physical therapy…all in the space of three months…I’m THANKFUL she’s alive. 

I’m thankful that our son Rhys is healthy and employed full time. That ain’t nothin’ in today’s economic climate. 

It’s good to practice what someone once called an “attitude of gratitude.” It may have been the motivational speaker Zig Ziglar who said that…not sure. Still a good thing to practice…even when, as Kristi says, others are weeping. Maybe it’s our gratitude that helps to make us more empathetic and likely to listen to the woes of others. Who knows?

Anyhow…have a great week, guys! I’m probably not posting until next week when I shall be in Annapolis on a desperately needed vacation….toodles!

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