THIS is why I adore Kristi Rieger Campbell…this right here!

The first time that I ever heard of Kristi Rieger Campbell was on Facebook. Say what you will about social media…it has a way of making a big ol’ scary world a lot smaller and less intimidating sometimes. I subscribe to more than a few autism-related pages on Facebook, and one day I was scrolling through my news feed and happened on a post by Autism Speaks or one of those pages…there was a link to Kristi’s video about what being a special needs mom means to her. I hope she doesn’t mind…but her words are also MY words…or at least frighteningly similar to words I have thought to myself.  So here you are…what it means to be a special needs mom. Just substitute “her” for “him” and so forth if you have a girl on the spectrum like me…God bless!
Finding Ninee: Being a Special Needs Mom

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